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About Us

Rector Industries is the premier, stealth custom engineering solution for mid-sized businesses.

Services and Ideas

At Rector Industries, we believe that innovation begins from the ground up. Our team of engineers will work with you until you achieve the results you desire, while providing industry-level thought leadership.

No issue too small. No problem too big. Rector Industries leverages bleeding-edge solution engineering to solve any problem.

Companies with aggressive growth strategies already know that only custom engineering can solve the problems that really matter. Our team has been proven, time and time again, to be a critical key to success.

Our Services

At Rector Industries we tailor all services to our customer needs.

Solution Architecting

Bespoke solution enablement for any vertical

Stream-lined Custom Engineering

Our rapid iteration approach to highly customized solutions when you need them

Critical Success Path

Industry-expert consulting to find your market dominant strategy

Operational Navigation

Providing day-to-day resolutions to stop problems before they start

Thought Leadership As A Service (TLaaS)

On-site Industry Experts to provide 24/7 development support


See what other successful companies already know

Ron Burman

Civil Engineer
Custom, innovative, and more importantly, when I needed it. I count on Rector Industries for anything outside our knowledge-base.
When I put out the Statement of Work, one company, Rector Industries, stood heads above the rest. Everything else was history.

Sara Chen

Wufar Distributions

Our Team

Rector Industries was started by skilled leaders. 50+ strong, world-wide

Gavin Fitzpatrick

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Suthers

Product Manager

Rupesh Gupta


Amanda Johnstone


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